J.Pulse is a bold attempt to combine the modern advanced technology of sensor and big data with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Right now, the first version of J.Pulse is especially designed for females who may have menstrual cycle concerns. Through pulsetaking measurement by the J.Pulse band and symptom information questionnaire on the corresponding App, users are able to understand their problems and causes, and track both the entire health condition and separate health parameters day by day. Meanwhile, they may get personal advice from J.Pulse on how to improve via different TCM health management methods like diet, massage, exercise, music and so on.

TCM Pulse-Taking Sensor

By applying the breaking-through technology of Graphene Sensors, J.Pulse is able to acquire one’s pulse waveform immediately and transforms it into analog signal for further calculation in the ‘cloud’.

TCM Standardization Database

The analog signals collected by J.Pulse will be compared with standardized waveforms in the profound database established by professionals from HKBU (Hong Kong Baptist University) and analyzed using pattern recognition.

Exquisite Industrial and User-Experience Design

J.Pulse is designed by a group of excellent engineers and designers from Shenzhen and Seattle. The design of the band is inspired by the Chinese white jade, which is delicate and elegant. By applying extremely fine machining technique and environ- mentally friendly materials, the final product appears to be more like a beautiful je- welry, rather than common smart devices.