Through over ten years of diligent hard work, Junlam proves to the world that “Made in China” can be SO NICE. Thanks to our excellent capability of product development and manufacturing, together with comprehensive quality control and management system, Junlam wins respect and trust from our partners and clients all over the globe. As a result, Junlam is able to grow and flourish continuously and rapidly, under any circumstances. Especially in recent years, Junlam starts to invest more in new technology and innovations, which significantly increases the total competitiveness of the enterprise. With all these efforts, we are confident that Junlam is capable to lead a better, smarter and wealthier future.


As verified member of ITS Laboratory, Junlam needs to face extremely intense and strict factory inspection every year. Therefore, we are always well prepared to present the best to our customers in every detail.Through all these challenges we’ve overcome, we believe that we are capable to be your most reliable business companion.